15490 E Hampden Ave
Suite 100
Aurora, CO 80013

Sunday School at 10:00am Worship Service at 11am

Prayer Meeting & Bible Study at 7pm

Join us Sundays at 10:00am

Together, Reaching New

Heights for Jesus Christ!

What to Expect

Where should I park?
Parking is readily available in the front of the church (East Side of Colorado State Bank & Trust Building), and on the west side of the building which sits in the Mission Viejo Shopping Center parking lot.

Should I bring a Bible?
We encourage you to come with a Bible as our messages are typically packed with Scripture, but if you don't have one, let Bro. Craig or Miss Wanida Gregory (our greeters) know, and they will be sure to assist you with a free King James Bible.

What is the atmosphere like?
At NHBC, you will find friendly people, straight forward Bible preaching, and the time tested hymns sung with enthusiasm, in an exciting and comfortable environment. We want to make you feel as welcome as possible.

What should I expect?
Service begins with our traditional worship songs, and then an opening prayer. Announcements are then made and an offering is then received. (As a visitor you will not be asked or expected to give an offering. You are our guest!) Typically we have special music following our offering and then Pastor Adrian (or a guest speaker) will give a message designed to help you apply biblical principles to everyday life. This message will be about 45-50 minutes in length. At the end of the message there will be given an opportunity to respond in your heart to what God has spoken to you personally. A song and a prayer will then close the service. You are welcome to talk to our pastor after the service with any questions you may have.

How about kids?
At the beginning of our Sunday School service, we gather together in the main sanctuary. After singing, announcements and prayer, the kids are dismissed to their age appropriate classes. At the end of service, any children in nursery will not be released until you pick them up..

Starting with excellent nurseries, there is something special for every age child. At every Sunday school & Sunday morning service there are safe, clean, and highly staffed nurseries for children two years old and under. The nursery is in the back of the church, close to the main service area, and is very easy to find. You can relax and enjoy the service knowing your dear little one is being cared for and we are easily able to contact you if necessary. For children three to pre-teen years old there are fun, friendly, and Bible-centered classes. These classes are staffed with trained, friendly, and well-qualified teachers and helpers who will make church exciting and memorable for your child.

During our main services, we believe this is a great time for you to sit with your entire family and learn together from God's word as a family.

What about my teens?

The Prospectors (our name for our teen Sunday School group), is currently joining the adults for Sunday School where the word of God is brought by our Pastor, Pastor Adrian Dominguez, and it is brought in such fashion that parents & teens alike will get something out of the word!  We also schedule youth activities throughout the year for our young people, both for evangelism and fellowship.

During the morning service, teens are welcome to sit with their families and hear the word of God preached and be a part of the service.  The message will not be above their heads, and it will be very applicable to their lives. It is our hope that they will be challenged and encouraged by every message that is preached.

How should I dress?
There is not a dress code at NHBC for members or guests. Our focus is on the heart, not the appearance.  Our ministry leaders and many of our church families dress in more traditional “Sunday” dress; however, our main goal is that you would feel welcome and comfortable on your visit here at New Heights Baptist! You don't have to worry about being under dressed, come as you are!

Other Questions
If there's something we missed on this list, just give us a call, or ask someone when you arrive. Whether you're new to the area and looking for a church home, or if it's been a long time since you've attended church at all, we hope your first visit at NHBC will be rewarding! We hope to be a blessing to you, and we are looking forward to meeting you personally. If there is anything we have missed, please let us know, and we hope to meet you this Sunday!

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