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Online Giving

Here at NHBC, we take up our tithes, offerings, and missions giving once a week on Sunday morning (1 Cor. 16:2).  It is a blessing to gather together with our church family to worship, as part of that worship is our offering to the Lord.  If you cannot make it to our service or are out of state, but feel led to give to our missionaries’ needs, our building fund (we currently lease with the hopes of buying a property in the future), or any other area of ministry here at NHBC, you are able to give here.  

Please know that if you are attending a Bible believing local church, we do not want you to “rob Peter to pay Paul” here, or if you are not attending a church and have nowhere to give, our prayer is that ultimately, you will find a Bible believing, Bible preaching church, as that is God’s plan for each Christian.  However, if you are faithful to give where you are, and still want to contribute here, please feel free to do so.  All payments are safely processed through Paypal, and will be sent to whichever account/ministry need here at NHBC you designate. Thank you for giving to the work of the Lord!

God Bless,

Pastor Adrian

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